Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living Dead In Dallas

Warning ; there will be Spoilers in this!

Okay, I finished Living Dead In Dallas last night.
and I have to say that I liked it better than the first book, Dead Until Dark.

Basically in this one.. Sookie and Bill are sent away on a mission type thing, in order to find a missing vampire, hoping that Sookie, the Telepathic waitress, will be able to pick up on something.

So then, when Bill is asleep in his coffin during the day, Sookie goes to this church where they hate Vampires, and they believe this is where the missing vampire is being held. So Anyways, Sookie and another human man named Hugo, go to this church pretending to be vampire haters and whatnot, and the church members see right through them and basically take them hostage, and when that happens, you find out that Hugo was sort of in on it, and was helping the humans kidnap vampires.. So then, One of the head people of the Church, I forget his name... I want to say Gabe.. comes in, and tries to rape her -.-
Eventually, somehow, Sookie manages to get into the mind of another telepath in order to call for Bills help.. and in the meantime, a suicidal vampire Kills Gabe and helps her escape.. and then, She meets another Shape-Shifter, who's name escapes me, who helps her get away, but then the church people ram them off the road, where Sookie ends up in the hospital!

Then basically to sum it up, she is rescued, and blah blah.

I actually loved this book, but not for the reason you'd expect, Yes it is a lot more action packed, which I loved.. BUT I'm loving that Eric Northman is slowly getting a bigger part in the books, and it is making me so excited because I think he is such an interesting Character. ^.^
I'm hoping that maybe he and Sookie will hook up in the later books ^.-

MK. so overall. Loved it way better than the first book. loved the action. Loving the slowly getting larger role of Eric Northman<3

This morning I started on the next book Club Dead.
I'll probably be done with that in a week or so, depending on how busy I am.

Tonight I'm being Inducted into the Honor society, and Tomorrow is the Twilight Release Party!
Expect a million and one pictures from this event!