Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead To The World

Warning ; Spoilers!

I have to say, that so far, this book has been my favorite of the series!

In this book.. One night, after a long night of bartending.. Sookie is on her way home from work, to drive by Eric, The Hott, sinister, vampire boss of Bill (sookie's now EX-boyfriend), who is running down the road NAKED? *drool*
Anyways, she finds out, that his memory was completely erased, he has no idea who he is!

We find out that Witches wanted to take over Eric's business's that he owned, and he refused, so they cursed him..
So Sookie takes him in, to take care of him, and hide him from the witches who want to kill him...
and this new Eric with no memory, is so very very kind, and oh so irresistable *drool again*...
and they HOOK UP!<333 Finally! this made me so happy that I don't even have words to describe it.

SO.. besides all that in the meantime.. Sookie's brother, Jason, gets kidnapped.. and there is going to be basically a mini "war" between the people trying to get Eric's memory back ( Pam, Chow, Sookie, Bill.. Alcide, etc...) against the witches.. and of course the right people won, duh.

and, when Eric finally get's his memory back, he remembers nothing that happend between him and Sookie. :[
(NO! NOT COOL!) He doesn't remember how he promised her he always wanted her to be by his side, and that he thought he was falling in love with her.
And in order to really help Eric.. Sookie doesn't even try to get Eric to remember their time together, cause she really cares.. AWWW<3

Then, They find Jason! turns out.. he was kidnapped because he went on a date with a woman that he didn't know was a shape-shifter, and there was another shape-shifter who was in love with that woman, so.. the man kidnapped Jason... and didn't kill him, but bit him every single night... so that he would turn into a shape-shifter so the woman he went on a date with, would no longer be interested in him... nice.

So now we've got Sookie, the Telepathic Bartender who seems to have a knack for falling in love with vampire.. and now Jason, the manwhore, vampire hating, SHAPE-SHIFTER (He'll turn into a Panther, cool, right?)

This is like a Vampire Erotic Soap Opera. I Love it.

BUT... I'm really hoping for Eric to remember what happend between him and Sookie, and turn all "sweet vampire" again and be with her for good. ^.^

I'll be starting the next book Dead As A Doornail, probably tonight or tomorrow morning in studyhall.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gave up.

I've basically given up on my writing project for Twicon. -.-
I haven't worked on it in about two weeks, it was going good, but I just stopped.. and the deadline is soon..
I hate how I always give up on every project I ever start. Great for someone who wants to be an Author, huh?
ugh. I'm such a quitter.

At some point this week, I will FORCE myself to make some time to try and work on it more, so I stop feeling like such a failure.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Self Explanatory.

Taylor Lautner Pictures, Images and Photos

GQ Outtakes 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

These two fabulous men, are the loves of my life.
enough said.

Random Updates..

Well, there isn't much to say right now..
I just sort of wanted to brag about my shopping spree last night. ^.^
I got 5 new shirts, because wetseal was having a sale for 5 shirts for 20 dollars, So I had to get all p on that... I also got new pairs of shorts for the summer.
and I got myself a new purse.. and I love it, it's big and black and the inside of it is hot pink.. I have a thing for huge bags. -.-
and another thing I bought.. hair extensions! haha.
I bought bright red ones to streak through my hair. I can't wait to use them..

Yeah, the other day I started the 4th book in the Sookie StackHouse series, Dead To The World, but I've only read about two chapters so far because I've been lazy.. But right now.. all I have to say is.. WTF is up with Eric, the Hott and allmighty, sinister, cocky vampire, running down the road, basically naked... with no memory, and a personality change? hmmm.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Club Dead

Warning ; Spoilers!

I finished it in studyhall this morning!
This isn't going to be a huge review because I don't really have a lot to say
about this book.

In this one Bill decided that he wanted to leave Sookie for another Woman,
(A vampire Woman), and then.. the woman ends up betraying him and kidnaps him and tortures him.. and Sookie of course, goes off to save him.. That's basically the whole story..

Part of this annoys me... BECAUSE.. Bill blew Sookie off... he Just left her.. if That were me.. I wouldn't have saved him.. I would have been like... " You know what, it serves you right, you dirty vamp!"..

I also loved the Man (werewolf) she met named Alcide.. I noticed.. Sookie is meeting so many men now that are so much better than Bill.. I mean.. Alcide liked her, and was a complete Gentlemen with her all the time.. I like him!

But who was there for her during this whole novel? NOT BILL.. Nope! it was Eric, who I am loving more and more as the series goes on and I'm super excited, because the next book has even more Eric in it! yay!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Prize

Okay, I went to Hottopic today to pick up the prize I won from the Twilight DVD release party...
Basically, it is a Huge like...4ft window poster (like the sticky things that stick to car windshields, but bigger) of the picture that's on the DVD cover. it's cute, but I'm not posting a picture, because anyone who loves Twilight should already know what the Picture on the DVD cover looks like. ^.^

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Won!

I just got a call from Hot Topic.....
Saying that I won something from the raffle from the Twilight DVD Release Party! ^.^
They didn't tell me what it is, but I'm going to go pick it up ASAP!
I'm so excited!!

More Twilight Party Pictures.. and.. BORING!!!?

Those are a few more Pictures from the Twilight DVD release party.. and yes, that's me in the pictures.
OH! and in the one picture, it's a little blurry and weird because it was a behind a glass display.. but.. It is a Jacob Black Poster signed by Taylor Lautner!! *drool*
I honestly must have taken about 100 pictures of it.. I mean.. I am very much Team Edward.. But when It comes to the actors, I love Taylor Lautner about a million more times than Rob Pattinson, Taylor is just so sweet looking, and with an awesome Tummy after working out for New Moon ^.-
I must have bit in like 200 entries to win that damn poster. haha.

ANYWAYS... nothing is going on... I'm about Halfway through Club Dead, and I have no idea when to tell you to expect a review for that book.
I've been kind of procrastinating on my fanfiction for the Twicon contest :[
But for good news!! I finally got myself working out again, I've stopped being so lazy! ahha.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight Release Party - a bit of a disapointment

So. I just wanted to say.. I mean.. I had fun.. But the hot topic I was at was not prepared in anyway...
They had really bad food, which they were all sticking that nasty hands in.. ugh..
and they played NO games or Trivia.. all they had was a raffle for different prizes, which they aren't even announcing the winner for until monday!
and I got in trouble there. haha. Myself and another girl I was with just stood at the raffle thing for about an hour and a half.. and put in about 200 entries for the prizes.. so Hopefully we get a call on monday saying we won! haha..

Anyways.. I took some Pictures from the night, not a lot. but here they are ;

I'll post more in another post, cause it's not letting me upload anymore right now!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Release Party!

Yes. It is finally here!
Tonight is the Twilight Midnight release party!
I can hardly contain myself -.-
Today is going to be such a long day, waiting for it to be time!

Anyways.. I'll be there, and I'll be taking loads of pictures, which will be posted up here.
and I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures as well!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living Dead In Dallas

Warning ; there will be Spoilers in this!

Okay, I finished Living Dead In Dallas last night.
and I have to say that I liked it better than the first book, Dead Until Dark.

Basically in this one.. Sookie and Bill are sent away on a mission type thing, in order to find a missing vampire, hoping that Sookie, the Telepathic waitress, will be able to pick up on something.

So then, when Bill is asleep in his coffin during the day, Sookie goes to this church where they hate Vampires, and they believe this is where the missing vampire is being held. So Anyways, Sookie and another human man named Hugo, go to this church pretending to be vampire haters and whatnot, and the church members see right through them and basically take them hostage, and when that happens, you find out that Hugo was sort of in on it, and was helping the humans kidnap vampires.. So then, One of the head people of the Church, I forget his name... I want to say Gabe.. comes in, and tries to rape her -.-
Eventually, somehow, Sookie manages to get into the mind of another telepath in order to call for Bills help.. and in the meantime, a suicidal vampire Kills Gabe and helps her escape.. and then, She meets another Shape-Shifter, who's name escapes me, who helps her get away, but then the church people ram them off the road, where Sookie ends up in the hospital!

Then basically to sum it up, she is rescued, and blah blah.

I actually loved this book, but not for the reason you'd expect, Yes it is a lot more action packed, which I loved.. BUT I'm loving that Eric Northman is slowly getting a bigger part in the books, and it is making me so excited because I think he is such an interesting Character. ^.^
I'm hoping that maybe he and Sookie will hook up in the later books ^.-

MK. so overall. Loved it way better than the first book. loved the action. Loving the slowly getting larger role of Eric Northman<3

This morning I started on the next book Club Dead.
I'll probably be done with that in a week or so, depending on how busy I am.

Tonight I'm being Inducted into the Honor society, and Tomorrow is the Twilight Release Party!
Expect a million and one pictures from this event!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Job Interview!

Yay for Good news!
My interview went VERY well!
After I was done, the Interviewer told me he was very impressed with me, and that I conduct myself as if I am much older than I am. ^.^

I just had to blog about this, even if it is a little random, I'm just so excited about it.
I mean come on, getting paid 2,000 dollars AND getting college credit for spending time with Children all summer? I mean, that's AWESOME!

I just have to get my references to fill out a few papers and I'll know if I have it in about two weeks. ^.^
You'll know, because if I get it, I'll post a very exciting blog, and if I don't I'll probably post a very pointless rant ^.-

I only have about one more chapter of Living Dead In Dallas left.. So expect a Book review up within the next couple of days!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I hate pointless weekends.
I have accomplished ZERO things this weekend.
I sat on my lazy butt and watched movies, I went and saw Last House On The Left,
and went out to eat.
I tried to work on my Geometry homework a little bit earlier today, but of course got frustrated and gave up after a while.
I tried to get myself back into working out, but after fifteen minutes of riding my exersize bike I got tired and of course, gave up.
I didn't get any of my fanfiction done. *sigh*
and I didn't get any reading done.

What a waste of a weekend.

This week should be better though.
Tomorrow I'm staying late and cosmetology school, maybe I'll get a haircut.
Tuesday I have my job interview.
Thursday I am being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society, woot!
and Friday is the Twilight release Party.

So this week should be better than this waste of a weekend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last House On The Left

Warning ; There are spoilers in this!

I went and saw this move today.. and wow.
It is quite possible one of the BEST horror movies I have ever seen...BUT
it could also quite possibly be one of the most disturbing movies I've ever watched.

You watch two teenage girls get beaten and tortured, and one gets brutally raped.
One gets stabbed until she dies.. and The other one manages to get away and she starts to swim across the lake, and the one of the killers shoots her, and thinking she is dead, they leave..
The Killers look for a place to go, not knowing the only place around is the place where the girls parents live..
The girl who was shot, manages to swim with a bullet wound, and crawl all the way back to her house, and when the parents find out that the people who brutally raped and tortured there daughter are staying in their guest house... It's time for revenge baby!
The parents go and brutally kill the people who hurt her, one by one.

It's incredible to see a movie showing how far parents would go for their child.

A lot of scenes in this movie are incredibly graphic, and a lot of scenes really bothered me particulary the rape scene.

But overall, a very well done movie.
But, I honestly think noone younger than seventeen should watch this.


I haven't posted in a few days due to lazy-ness.
I've been avoiding everything, I haven't read as much of Living Dead in Dallas,
I've barely been online, and I've barely been working on my Fanfiction for the Twicon contest.
School has been killing me. Got to love Geometry. -.-
Sorry guys. I'll get there I promise.

A few little update things though, is that the filming for New Moon begins on monday, and I am so excited! and I'm even more excited to get my Twilight DVD and go to the release party THIS friday. I've been waiting over a year for this!

and one more thing. I finally caved and signed up for Twitter, So that I can sort of update when I'm too lazy to really update, you know?
So ANYWAYS. The widget for that is up in some random corner of this blog, so check it out. ^.-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twilight Release Party, and a Summer Job!?

I just thought that I would say, that today I pre-ordered my copy of Twilight, and I got my invitation to go to the Twilight release party next friday at Hot Topic. I am so incredibly excited about that.
I am for sure going to get pictures of it and post them here.

Also. This is a bit off topic, but it added to my awesome day, is that I got called for a job interview today as a camp counselor at a summer camp for this summer, I am thrilled, because it will give me money for college!

And another thing I just wanted to add..
I am absolutely radiating with ideas for the Twicon fanfiction writing contest, and I am already so far on it, I'm so proud of it so far.
When I am finished with it, I may post it on here.

That's about it, This post is a little random and going back and forth, but I just had a few things I wanted to say!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So there is something that I am beyond excited about.
Twicon this summer in Dallas. Yes?

ANYWAYS. Twicon is featuring a writing contest, where what you do is write a fanfiction about what happens in the life of the Cullens after Breaking Dawn.
I am extremely excited for this.
I would love to be a writer, and have been looking for the perfect excuse to start, and here it is!
I have already written a lot of it today, But I'll probably end up changing my mind and coming up with new idea, but I have until May 20th!

I'll write more about it later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kissed by an Angel Review

WARNING ; there'll be spoilers in this post!

Okay.. So I finished this book, Kissed By An Angel last night.
Basically, it is about a teenage girl and her boyfriend who fall in love all too quickly, and then of course, the boyfriend dies.

The boyfriend comes back as an angel, and then is informed by another angel that he has to complete a "mission" only to find out, that his death was not just a simple car accident, it was a murder...
but it was not him who was the intended target, it was his girlfriend, so his mission his to save her from his murderer, who has now decided to target her.

One thing I do not like about this book, is how the "Killer" goes from acting like he is in love with the main character, to within seconds starts doing morbid things like... torturing her cat? Which by the way was given in a very graphic detail, bothered me to an extreme to a point where I had to put the book down and go cuddle my cat for a half an hour.

One more complaint is this book to me... feels like a bit of a rip off of a mix of the movies Ghost, and City Of Angels.

Overall, it is a good read, a very long read, but not bad.
My only complaint is that there does tend to be a lot of cheesy moments. -.-

The next book that I have started is Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris.
It is the second novel in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, or better known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
For the HBO lovers out there, The TV show True Blood, was based on these novels.
I loved the first novel, and I love the TV show, so I am excited for the second book.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finished! and Movies!

I finally finished Kissed By An Angel today. Finally.
I DEFFINALITY have a few things to say about it both good and bad, but I probably won't post my review until tomorrow night or sometime on Tuesday.

Anyways. Another main reason for this post was to point out some movies that I am absolutely going crazy over because I MUST see them as soon as they come out.

Maybe I am a little Biased, because two of the three movies have Kristen Stewart in them, and I am a big fan of hers.
The first Movie is AdventureLand ; here's the Trailer.

I love Amusement Parks. I love Kristen Stewart. Enough Said.

The second movie is The Cake Eaters ; here is the trailer.

I think the trailer is self explanatory. It looks awesome.

And lastly.. Friday the 13th ; here's the trailer.

Let me say ; that I am a complete sucker for old school slasher films...
as much as I love the new horror movies with all the complex backrounds...
there's nothing that I love more than a good slasher film.
I worry, because it is a remake.. BUT the people who made this, also made The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and I loved that, So I have high hopes for this.

I'm loving all the slasher remakes. I was extremely impressed with the My Bloody Valentine remake in 3D. So I simply cannot wait for this.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kissed by an Angel

This is Kissed By an Angel, written by Elizabeth Chandler.
My friend Marissa bought this book when she was in an airport in Florida, so she had something to read, and me, being the ridiculous bookworm that I am, said that I must read it! SO. she let me borrow it.

This is what it says on the back of the book :

" When her boyfriend, Tristan, died, Ivy thought she'd lost everything, even her faith in angels. But now she's discovered that he's her guardian angel - his presence so strong that she can feel the touch of his hand, the beat of his heart. Ivy needs Tristan now more than ever because he knows she's in terrible danger. Only Ivy's guardian angel can save her, now that his killer is after her. But if Tristan rescues Ivy, his mission on earth will be finished, and he must leave her behind forever. Will saving Ivy mean losing her just when he's finally reached her again? "

WELL. I am a little over halfway done with the book and so far, it has held my interest, but I'm not quite sure if I think it is anything amazing yet. BUT... when I finish the novel, I will for sure be writing a review for it. ^.-

Starting over.

I'm changing this up quite a bit.
This blog is now going to be my spot to write about the things I love, Books, Movies, Music, Fashion, and of course, Twilight! ^.-

My next Entry will be about the Book that I am currently reading.

It's called Kissed By an Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler.
I am almost finished with it, But I'll make an up to date Summary about it in my next entry, and hopefully get some other people to read it, and tell me what you think.

Who is ecstatic that Dakota Fanning has Been OFFICIALY been casted as Jane in the New Moon movie?
I AM. that's who. I think she is absolutely perfect for it, and the more I hear about her and the other cast members, The More excited I am for the movie.