Monday, March 9, 2009

Kissed by an Angel Review

WARNING ; there'll be spoilers in this post!

Okay.. So I finished this book, Kissed By An Angel last night.
Basically, it is about a teenage girl and her boyfriend who fall in love all too quickly, and then of course, the boyfriend dies.

The boyfriend comes back as an angel, and then is informed by another angel that he has to complete a "mission" only to find out, that his death was not just a simple car accident, it was a murder...
but it was not him who was the intended target, it was his girlfriend, so his mission his to save her from his murderer, who has now decided to target her.

One thing I do not like about this book, is how the "Killer" goes from acting like he is in love with the main character, to within seconds starts doing morbid things like... torturing her cat? Which by the way was given in a very graphic detail, bothered me to an extreme to a point where I had to put the book down and go cuddle my cat for a half an hour.

One more complaint is this book to me... feels like a bit of a rip off of a mix of the movies Ghost, and City Of Angels.

Overall, it is a good read, a very long read, but not bad.
My only complaint is that there does tend to be a lot of cheesy moments. -.-

The next book that I have started is Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris.
It is the second novel in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, or better known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
For the HBO lovers out there, The TV show True Blood, was based on these novels.
I loved the first novel, and I love the TV show, so I am excited for the second book.