Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Dead To Worse

Warning ; Spoilers

i don't have a lot of time, so this is going to be pretty short....
In this book, Hurricane Katrina had hit, and Sookie's boyfriend, Quinn went
missing.... Sookie finds out that she has a grandfather who is a fairy (literally), and she ends up dumping her boyfriend (big surprise -.-)..
And Bill is obsessing over her, trying to win her back, and Eric finally got his memory back and remembers everything that happend between him and sookie.. awkwardddd??

yeah.. this book just kind of jumped around all over the place..
took me a while to read cause it kind of bored me..
and im finally done with this series. haha. for now at least, til the next book comes out..

the next book im doing is Hunted , the 5th book in the House of Night Series.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Jumpsuit apparatus concert

So last night I went to a concert! ^.^
I saw : Drive A, Madina Lake, Red jumpsuit Apparatus, Secondhand Serenade, and N.E.R.D..

So all of the bands were amazing, Red Jumpsuit and Secondhand Serenade put on an awesome show!
and afterwords, I met the band Drive A, and took pictures with them, and talked/ hung out with them for a little while.
It was a blast..

The pictures are on my cell phone so they arent amazing quality, but i'll post them eventually..

and Tomorrow morning at 4AM, I'm leaving for New York City..
and I hope to God I don't come in contact with someone who has Swine Flu *shiver*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday was a nice day.

wow, so yesterday ended up being 88 degrees!
it was crazy!

So I got dressed in some cute little shorts and a tank top. :]
Then My parents and I spent the day at their camp...
we had to walk in since the camp hasn't officially been open for the year, and it was a couple mile walk, but idc, the walk was nice, and it was nice spending the warm day at my parents camp and near the lake...

and by the time we left, I was a little sunburnt, little casper here needed some color :-P
then on the way home we got icecream :]

then right when I got home, my bestfriend Delbert, who I haven't seen in months, calls me and tells me that he finally got a car and wants to come get me and hang out before he went to work..
so he came and got me, and we drove around for a while, it was nice seeing him. :]

OH! and I did the burn page in my "wreck this journal!" haha

Thursday, April 23, 2009

WTJ - instruction page

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wreck this journal

just the name page and the title page!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Newest Project ;; Wreck This Journal! and Tuesday Tunes.

My Newest project just arrived in the mail today and it is "Wreck This Journal"..
I thought it would help me stop being such a perfectionist ^.-

if you have not heard of this project... basically, the book tells you all different ways in which to destroy it, by doing things such as burning it, showering with it, cutting pages up, random doodling, etc... but by the time you finish the book it's saposed to be a giant mess. haha.
So I'm excited to start this..

I have decided that my blog is getting a little bit on the boring side with me only doing book reviews and talking about my boring life..
So I am now going to do a Tuesday Tunes!
what I am going to do, is every Tuesday I am going to list the top 5 songs that are stuck in my head along with some form of a music video with them.. so here are this weeks songs!

1. Zyrdate Anatomy
Okay.. I know it's from a musical, but ever since I watched the movie this song has been stuck in my head, it's morbid and creepy in the best way possible, and I love it.

2. Step right up - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
So, this weekend, I am going to a Red jumpsuit and Secondhand Serenade concert! So I've been listening to these bands alot, and this one has been my favorite so far.

3. Stay, Don't Go - Secondhand Serenade
This one, is my favorite of the newer secondhand serenade songs!

4. Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
Honestly, I normally absolutely cannot stand music like this, but I just think this song is so catchy :]

5. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
This song is so so sad, but I absolutely love it, it was first shown to me by one of my ex-boyfriends, who actually was the one who got me to like country! haha.

Monday, April 20, 2009

All Together Dead

Warning ;; Spoilers!!

I JUST finished the last few pages of this book about 2 hours ago..
I was staying late at cosmetology school to get some extra hours and while I was waiting for my ride, I finished the book. :]
This is going to be as short and sweet as possible because I am feeling incredibly lazy today.

In this book The vampire queen ( Sophie-Anne), had been accused of murdering her husband, so she is being put on trial, so she is paying Sookie to go with her so she can read everyones minds to make sure everyone was being honest.

That's basically the whole plot of this one, and along with that someone snuck into her hotel and murdered other vampires in the hotel, and then someone had tried to bomb the hotel during the daytime so that the vampires would burn to death in the sun..
but of course, Sookie and the other telepath (his name is barry!) found out before hand and managed to save most of the humans, and the vampires that they were friends with, along with a few random others. *shrug*

ANYWAYS! that's about it..
um.. I did like this book, it's a little more action packed than the other ones..
and although I do not like Quinn ( Sookie's "were-tiger" boyfriend), I like that SO FAR she has actually stayed with him and not moved on to a million other supernatural beings. haha.

So yes.. There's one book left in this series (which I have, and am doing next), and after that, the next book comes out sometime in May, so while I wait for that I'll be switching around to some other books I haven't read yet.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera

I swear.. This movie looks, morbid and creepy in the most awesome way possible.
I just HAVE to watch the whole thing.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This book, just arrived in my mailbox this morning. yay!
I'm so excited to read it...
it's too bad I still have a bunch of books to read before it. *sigh*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol

I have decided that the American Idol judges officially have something mentally wrong with them.

WHY on earth would they use their ONE chance to save someone, on Matt Giraud?

That was a complete and total waste.
I'm sorry, but Matt Giraud, is a complete and utter tool, and is nothing but a bad Justin Timberlake Look-a-Like.

Like Simon Cowell said, He has no chance of winning the show.
So why bring him back?

If they were going to save someone, it'd be a little more worth it to use it on someone like Kris or Anoop. ( even though he's a bit of a snob. )

It's sort of obvious that the winner is going to be either Allison, Danny, or Adam(<3 I'm an Adam lover).
So the save was a complete waste.
You messed that one up, judges.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Yellow Dress

I just wanted to say, that I absolutely adore my little yellow dress that I wore yesterday.
It makes me feel oh so cute, and I would wear it every single day if I could.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dating Disaster/ Haunting in Connecticut

ugh. I absolutely hate dates gone wrong..
I was really excited for this, but the whole situation was just so awkward.

He was so sweet, and funny, and polite... but...
Something just made me feel like he wasn't right for me. *sigh*
Stupid dating.
I should just be a cat lady. -.-


A Haunting in Connecticut is one hell of a weird movie.

it was THAT weird to the point where I can't even decide if I thought it was good or bad.
And btw, it's a horrible date movie. haha.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

100 monkeys <3

100 monkeys is my new favorite band!
they are so weird, but they are absolutely fabulous.. and a lot of there songs are written by improv :]
The best music I've heard in ages, and plus... Jackson Rathbone just makes me drool.

they aren't very popular.. but they should be!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Definality Dead

Warning ; Spoilers!

I just finished Definitely Dead a few minutes ago..

In this book
, we find out that Sookie's cousin Hadley was changed into a vampire, and was then murdered.. So Sookie has to go on a trip to Hadley's apartment to clean out everything, because Hadley left all of her belongings to Sookie.

A witch who lived in the apartment below Hadley's was asked to put a spell on the apartment to keep everything fresh, not knowing what exactly would be left fresh...
Sookie finds a naked "corpse" of a werewolf stuffed in one of her cousins closets..
but of course he wasn't dead, he was a werewolf who had been bitten by a vampire, and Sookie and Ameila ( The Witch) couldn't get out of the apartment before he had began to rise..
So they both ended up a little on the battered side...

Also, while at her Cousin's apartment, she had to go visit the vampire queen, who apparently had had lesbian relations with her cousin, Hadley. O__o
The Queen wanted to use Sookie's Telepathic ability to her advantage..

and that's basically a lot of the story...
um.. Sookie has her self a new boytoy, a shapeshifter named Quinn, who changes into a tiger ( hott, I know :-P).
You also find out, that Bill, Sookie's first real boyfriend, didn't just randomly move to her town, but that he had been summoned by the Queen to meet her and seduce her so that the queen could use Sookie.. :[ stupid Bill!

OH.. and you also find out that Sookie isn't actually completely human (surprise, surprise!), she has Fairy blood in her, apparently... and that's why supernatural men ( aka vampires, shapeshifters, werewolfs) are so attracted to her, as where most human men are not.

yeah.. that's basically it... Um.. I thought this book was okay, deffinality not my favorite of the series ( the 4th book was), but it had some interesting parts... but also some intensely boring parts that literally made it so it took me like two days to get through a single chapter. *shrug*

I still have 2 more books left to read in this series I believe... and theres also another book in the series that will be released in may..
but as soon as I finish these 2, I'm taking a break from these books for a while to read something different. :]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miserable Day

Today is just about the worst day I have had so far this year....

FIRST, I find out that I can't intern at my cousin's hair salon next week, which means that at the end of this year, I am going to be about 50 hours short of my 1000 hours needed in order to get my cosmetology license, So I'll be screwed for that, and won't be able to find work in a salon for the fall... I'll have to wait until I save enough money to go back to beauty school next year or something..

and SECOND, I get home today, and my parents told me I got a call from the summer camp that I applied to work at for this summer.. and I have been completely DEPENDING on getting this job to help me start out at college.. and yep.. I didn't get it... when the guy who interviewed me told me that I was basically a shoe-in for this job..
thanks a lot -.- I worked so hard to get this job..

so now, I have no job lined up, and I won't have my cosmetology license.. great!

I was so bent out of shape over this, that my parents took me to Barnes n Noble and the Casino for a while, but it didn't make me feel much better. :[ blah.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Sorry for my lack of updates..
my life has become boring, dull, and uneventful :[
therefore I have nothing exciting, nor nothing I can pretend is exciting to wrote about! :[

Nothing exciting is really happening up until the 28th because then I will be going to New York City!

but other than that, seriously nothing is happening..
This Friday is the start of my spring break, but I doubt I will do anything then either, I'll probably sit on my bum, read books, watch movies, and I might spend my birthday money..

One thing I MIGHT do... is go to the casino some time next week...
because.. I'm 18 now.. and I can! woo!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday gifts!

Mk. So I'm just going to name off some of my birthday gifts..

My brother scott, and his wife gave me a 25 dollar Itunes card.
My other brother Robert, and his Girlfriend gave me a 50 dollar Barnes and noble giftcard and a bunch of lottery tickets ( I won 6 dollars)..
And my parents also gave me a 50 dollar barnes and noble gift card, and a 20 dollar card to put minutes on my cellphone, and they bought me this big thick magazine called Fantasy Films? and the whole magazine is filled with vampire stuff about Twilight and True Blood :-P
I also got a battery for my camera, and the Twilight DVD but those were early gifts. :-P

and tomorrow my bestfriend Amanda is stopping over with her gift, ^.^ Idk what it is, but I think it's some form of Jewlrey.

( she stopped over today, her present is go pretty, its a silver necklace with a heart on the chain and the center of the heart is pink :] )

But today was good, it was nice having all my family together, and seeing my neice and nephew. :]

Dead As A Doornail

Warning ; Spoilers!

I just finished this about ten minutes ago, while I am waiting for my birthday guests to get here :]

Okay... in this book, we find out that Sookie's brother, Jason, has in fact turned into a shape-shifter...
and during this time, there is a shooting going on, targeting shape-shifter's only, and the other shifters think that Jason is doing it because he didn't want to become a shape-shifter..
so in this book, it is basically Sookie trying to clear her brothers name, which she does, it ends up being merlotte's current cook named Sweetie ( I know, stripper name!)

that's basically the whole story in this... other than in between, Sookie's torn attraction between Bill, Alcide, and Eric.. oh and now Sam too ( her shape-shifter boss)..
These men need to start taking numbers, the line is just adding up ^.-

Okay.. All I am going to say that I'm not a huge fan of this book, it was pretty boring compared to the others, and there was nothing that happend that shocked me or digusted me or anything. -.-
sorry shape-shifters, you're boring!

I am now starting the next book in the series Definality Dead.

18th Birthday!

I'm 18 years old today! ^.^
I'm excited, but In a way I'm kinda sad, because.. I'm not really a kid anymore. O__o

anyways, family is coming over a little later and stuff..
later I'll post again with pictures of me and my family and my gifts and such.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Math, English, Psychology... and Ballroom dancing?

So today was a busy day for me..
I went to school and cosmetology and right when I got home I had to rush to the college that I'm going to next year, for my advisement meeting, to figure the classes I need to take and whatnot.

So okay..
I'm setting up my main classes, and I get all the main things out of the way and I'm looking at the gym classes, which I think is awesome that I get to choose because I'm used to crappy highschool gym, and there are options like tennis, and swimming, Yoga and yadda yadda.... then I'm looking at the list.. and I was like.. "WTF.. Ballroom dancing for gym class!?"
I thought that was the weirdest thing I ever saw in my life... and because I was so excited over it's weirdness, I figured it'd be fun to try something different like that, so I did it, haha, I signed up for Ballroom Dancing as my gym class! I also signed up for Yoga, too, but I needed one more, and Ballroom dancing just sounds like a blast.

haha sorry. maybe that's a normal thing for college's, but I've never heard of that as a gym class before, and it baffled me and made me excited, so I had to share. ^.^

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Msquared new Parody! and a Kaleb Nation dream?

First off.. let me say.. that I am a huge MSquared fan..
for those of you who don't know who they are, they are two girls from California, who do awesome Twilight parodies, you might recognize them from youtube, and they were in the Twicon video, and have a few appearances on the actual Twilight DVD...

well, I am happy to say that they released a new Parody! I'm so excited!
here it is!

I think they are Hilarious, and I love Kaleb Nation's little appearance. ^.-

and speaking of Kaleb Nation.. I had a dream about him last night.. weird eh?
well, it wasn't that weird.. basically...I dreamt I got kidnapped.. and who game to my rescue!?
none other than the fabulous Kaleb Nation!