Monday, April 20, 2009

All Together Dead

Warning ;; Spoilers!!

I JUST finished the last few pages of this book about 2 hours ago..
I was staying late at cosmetology school to get some extra hours and while I was waiting for my ride, I finished the book. :]
This is going to be as short and sweet as possible because I am feeling incredibly lazy today.

In this book The vampire queen ( Sophie-Anne), had been accused of murdering her husband, so she is being put on trial, so she is paying Sookie to go with her so she can read everyones minds to make sure everyone was being honest.

That's basically the whole plot of this one, and along with that someone snuck into her hotel and murdered other vampires in the hotel, and then someone had tried to bomb the hotel during the daytime so that the vampires would burn to death in the sun..
but of course, Sookie and the other telepath (his name is barry!) found out before hand and managed to save most of the humans, and the vampires that they were friends with, along with a few random others. *shrug*

ANYWAYS! that's about it..
um.. I did like this book, it's a little more action packed than the other ones..
and although I do not like Quinn ( Sookie's "were-tiger" boyfriend), I like that SO FAR she has actually stayed with him and not moved on to a million other supernatural beings. haha.

So yes.. There's one book left in this series (which I have, and am doing next), and after that, the next book comes out sometime in May, so while I wait for that I'll be switching around to some other books I haven't read yet.