Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burger King

I got the job!

Job Interview Tonight

Yeah. Tonight is my Job Interview at Burger King..
It's really sad.. I'm Nervous about a job interview to be a burger flipper. -.-

so yeah... I'm behind on basically everything..
I'm up to my ears in math homework every night, and My Senior "Salon" Project for cosmetology is due on June 8th, and its a major pain in the butt to work on..
and I'm reading "Smack"..

I need to learn how to multitask better, cause a job will just make me further behind... O__o

only like 15 or so more days, and no more high school forever!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


School got cancelled last thursday ^.^
So I spent the day with a good friend, then it got really hot out, so I wanted to go to my parents camp.

So, I went camping this weekend with my parents and nephew..

and I went job hunting..
So I walk into Burger King, and they offer me an interview right away...
it went well, I think, but now I have my second interview on Thursday...
Hopefully I get this job.. It really sucks, because I really hate fast food restaurants, BUT I really can't afford to be picky right now, it's very hard to get a job in this economy, and I need one before I get out of school..
I need College money, ahhh!

There wasn't much to do this weekend, and I forgot to bring books, so I picked up my mothers copy of "Gone With The Wind", and okay.... I appreciate the book, and I understand that it is a classic, and that is why I gave it a chance.. BUT yikes.. It took me the entire weekend to read 50 pages before I gave up, it's so boring, and the writing style is just so weird to me.. -.-

so therefore, I am now reading a book called "Smack".. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol.

Ick.. Kris Allen is a cute guy, and he has a nice voice... but...
He was nothing compared to Adam.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cosmetology test and New Moon.

yuck... I think I failed my state cosmetology test. shittttt!

ANYWAYS... The official New Moon poster came out today.. yeeeeeeyyy! ^.^

Sunday, May 17, 2009


so... for the past 5 years, my best friend has been telling me that he is in love with me...
and I always rejected him, but he was always still there for me, he never left my side...
and now just recently.. I've noticed how amazing he is and what a great man he's growing up to be..
and I realized that all along, I loved him too..
so when I went to his apartment on Thursday to hang out with him.. I told him all of this, and that I wanted to be with him...
after I told him this.. he just said " I need to take you home now, I have to go to work soon"...
So he took me home.. and I haven't heard from him since.. he stopped replying to my texts, and doesn't answer my calls.

cool. I love rejection... especially when 2 weeks before I tell him this, he tells me that he still wanted to be with me.. funny how quick a guy can change his mind huh?

maybe I deserved it.. :[

Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol

Adam is in the top 2! WEEEEE!
I kinda wish Kris went home instead of Danny( I think Danny is such a cutie! ^.^).
But yay Adamm!!!!<3

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ugh. I really hate feeling like I have no time for anything, you know?
Between school and cosmetology...
I have to do extra studying for math, because I am on the verge of failing, and if I fail the class, I dont graduate this june..
and in Cosmetology I have my state test next week, so I have to keep spending time getting ready for the practical and studying for that..
and also I have to do my salon project that Is keeping me running all over the town, it's such a pain in my ass..

I need to graduate and get away from school stress for a while til I move away for college. sheeeesh!

Nothing interesting happening lately = crappy blogging!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Damn. I'm sick of high school, this last 2 months-ish need to go by faster so I can graduate already!
I can't wait to get away from all of you evil, conniving, lying backstabbing, bitchy high school girls, and never ever see you again. ^.^

Enough Already!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So.. for the past few weeks I have been on The Atkins diet, which is basically a high Protein, low carb diet..
and honestly.. I have to say this is the best diet ever.. I am never feeling like I'm starving which is what always messes me up..
It said it was saposed to make you lose weight fast (even faster when you work out, and I ride a bike).. and holy hell were they right.. when I started my weight was 137 (ick for me!), and when I stepped on the scale today, I was at 126ish. ^.^ which is a little bit better!

Only about 11 more pounds til my goal weight! ^.^
Im so excited!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tunes

I notice how I've sort of skipped out on my Tuesday Tunes thing already...
I think im still recuperating from my busy week last week.
I went to a concert, stayed at school til 6pm one night, then didn't go to bed the next night and left for NYC at 4am, and got home at almost 1am the next day.. then got only 4 hours of sleep that night...
then the next night I had to stay at school late again, then camped all weekend..

Give me some time to get my groove back. haha. I'm so out of it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So last Friday My parents summer home/resort has opened up for the season... so I am officially stuck there every weekend until school is over, then for the entire summer until I leave for college..
I hate it there.. -.-

My god... I'm 18 years old, I think I'd be okay at the house by myself...

ugh.. this first weekend there was so boring, it was cold and blah! I just sat wrapped up in a blanket with a book the entire time, yep.