Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Idea.

So I have decided, that as of this coming Saturday, this blog will become strictly for my book reviews only. (Not that I have been doing those a lot lately, but I'll work on it!)

BUT... I have started a new blog called Confessions Of A College Freshman.
Starting this Saturday, that will be my main blog for the school year.
I am going to write an entry for everyday that I am in college, and talk about being a freshman, homework, activities, working, the stress, my relationships, and my daily schedule basically, all depending on what happens each day.

I hope that the few followers I have will continue to follow on my new blog, and maybe even gain a few new followers since now I have a blog with an actual theme.

The first official blog entry for my new blog will be posted this Saturday, and will be titled "Move-In Day".

- Trisha