Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

I am very glad to see 2009 come to an end.
I am on my winter break from college, and in the middle of a big fight/breakup (I'll explain).
Well. As you can see, one of my Resolutions, is to start blogging again!
I miss having some form of a creative outlet.

Anyways, As I was saying. I am in the middle of a huge fight/breakup with my current boyfriend of a little over two months. I realize that it isn't a long time, but I have a bad habit of attaching myself to people and falling for them rather quickly.
The fight really should not have been that big of a deal. I had not seen my boyfriend in a little over a week due to my being busy with finals, so I was very excited that he had planned a date night for us to go to the movies and out to dinner.
So, it is an hour before he is going to pick me up, I am all dressed up, and he texts me. what does he do? He cancels plans with me. which would not have been a problem... If this wasn't happening all the time lately. So I ask him calmly, "why is this happening all the time now?", and what happens? He throws a childlike fit, which i do not understand one bit, and he gets into a huge fight where he decides that he is no longer sure if he wants to be with me, and we get a little heated and start pointing out eachothers flaws and whatnot, so he tells me, give me some time and I'll talk to you about this in a few hours. After all this, He has not spoken to me for three days. He won't get ahold of me to tell me its over, or if were together, not one word. So after three days of trying to get ahold of him, I refuse to mope anymore, I am going on with my life, and I'm not going to try to get ahold of him anymore, He can talk to me when he decides to stop acting like a child, but in the meantime, I'm going to have fun and go on with my life, I can't mope and wait for him.

anyways. on with the resolutions!

1. Become more independent

2. Learn how to cook. ( all I can make is cookies and instant food!)

3. Take more pride in myself and my appearance.

4. Be more understanding towards the people I care about, and try not to start arguments with them.

5. Get back into my music.

6. Get out and do more, instead of always being a bum.

7. Find a new hobby.

8. Pass all of my college classes this semester/ maybe start my nursing classes in the fall.

9. Mail in for my temporary license and take my state boards for my cosmetology lisense.

10. Start saving money for a car.

What are your resolutions?