Tuesday, May 26, 2009


School got cancelled last thursday ^.^
So I spent the day with a good friend, then it got really hot out, so I wanted to go to my parents camp.

So, I went camping this weekend with my parents and nephew..

and I went job hunting..
So I walk into Burger King, and they offer me an interview right away...
it went well, I think, but now I have my second interview on Thursday...
Hopefully I get this job.. It really sucks, because I really hate fast food restaurants, BUT I really can't afford to be picky right now, it's very hard to get a job in this economy, and I need one before I get out of school..
I need College money, ahhh!

There wasn't much to do this weekend, and I forgot to bring books, so I picked up my mothers copy of "Gone With The Wind", and okay.... I appreciate the book, and I understand that it is a classic, and that is why I gave it a chance.. BUT yikes.. It took me the entire weekend to read 50 pages before I gave up, it's so boring, and the writing style is just so weird to me.. -.-

so therefore, I am now reading a book called "Smack".. :)