Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol

I have decided that the American Idol judges officially have something mentally wrong with them.

WHY on earth would they use their ONE chance to save someone, on Matt Giraud?

That was a complete and total waste.
I'm sorry, but Matt Giraud, is a complete and utter tool, and is nothing but a bad Justin Timberlake Look-a-Like.

Like Simon Cowell said, He has no chance of winning the show.
So why bring him back?

If they were going to save someone, it'd be a little more worth it to use it on someone like Kris or Anoop. ( even though he's a bit of a snob. )

It's sort of obvious that the winner is going to be either Allison, Danny, or Adam(<3 I'm an Adam lover).
So the save was a complete waste.
You messed that one up, judges.


Sarah Von said...

And exponentially less cute that JT!

Trisha said...

haha oh god. Im so glad someone agrees with me.