Friday, April 10, 2009

Definality Dead

Warning ; Spoilers!

I just finished Definitely Dead a few minutes ago..

In this book
, we find out that Sookie's cousin Hadley was changed into a vampire, and was then murdered.. So Sookie has to go on a trip to Hadley's apartment to clean out everything, because Hadley left all of her belongings to Sookie.

A witch who lived in the apartment below Hadley's was asked to put a spell on the apartment to keep everything fresh, not knowing what exactly would be left fresh...
Sookie finds a naked "corpse" of a werewolf stuffed in one of her cousins closets..
but of course he wasn't dead, he was a werewolf who had been bitten by a vampire, and Sookie and Ameila ( The Witch) couldn't get out of the apartment before he had began to rise..
So they both ended up a little on the battered side...

Also, while at her Cousin's apartment, she had to go visit the vampire queen, who apparently had had lesbian relations with her cousin, Hadley. O__o
The Queen wanted to use Sookie's Telepathic ability to her advantage..

and that's basically a lot of the story...
um.. Sookie has her self a new boytoy, a shapeshifter named Quinn, who changes into a tiger ( hott, I know :-P).
You also find out, that Bill, Sookie's first real boyfriend, didn't just randomly move to her town, but that he had been summoned by the Queen to meet her and seduce her so that the queen could use Sookie.. :[ stupid Bill!

OH.. and you also find out that Sookie isn't actually completely human (surprise, surprise!), she has Fairy blood in her, apparently... and that's why supernatural men ( aka vampires, shapeshifters, werewolfs) are so attracted to her, as where most human men are not.

yeah.. that's basically it... Um.. I thought this book was okay, deffinality not my favorite of the series ( the 4th book was), but it had some interesting parts... but also some intensely boring parts that literally made it so it took me like two days to get through a single chapter. *shrug*

I still have 2 more books left to read in this series I believe... and theres also another book in the series that will be released in may..
but as soon as I finish these 2, I'm taking a break from these books for a while to read something different. :]