Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday gifts!

Mk. So I'm just going to name off some of my birthday gifts..

My brother scott, and his wife gave me a 25 dollar Itunes card.
My other brother Robert, and his Girlfriend gave me a 50 dollar Barnes and noble giftcard and a bunch of lottery tickets ( I won 6 dollars)..
And my parents also gave me a 50 dollar barnes and noble gift card, and a 20 dollar card to put minutes on my cellphone, and they bought me this big thick magazine called Fantasy Films? and the whole magazine is filled with vampire stuff about Twilight and True Blood :-P
I also got a battery for my camera, and the Twilight DVD but those were early gifts. :-P

and tomorrow my bestfriend Amanda is stopping over with her gift, ^.^ Idk what it is, but I think it's some form of Jewlrey.

( she stopped over today, her present is go pretty, its a silver necklace with a heart on the chain and the center of the heart is pink :] )

But today was good, it was nice having all my family together, and seeing my neice and nephew. :]