Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dead As A Doornail

Warning ; Spoilers!

I just finished this about ten minutes ago, while I am waiting for my birthday guests to get here :]

Okay... in this book, we find out that Sookie's brother, Jason, has in fact turned into a shape-shifter...
and during this time, there is a shooting going on, targeting shape-shifter's only, and the other shifters think that Jason is doing it because he didn't want to become a shape-shifter..
so in this book, it is basically Sookie trying to clear her brothers name, which she does, it ends up being merlotte's current cook named Sweetie ( I know, stripper name!)

that's basically the whole story in this... other than in between, Sookie's torn attraction between Bill, Alcide, and Eric.. oh and now Sam too ( her shape-shifter boss)..
These men need to start taking numbers, the line is just adding up ^.-

Okay.. All I am going to say that I'm not a huge fan of this book, it was pretty boring compared to the others, and there was nothing that happend that shocked me or digusted me or anything. -.-
sorry shape-shifters, you're boring!

I am now starting the next book in the series Definality Dead.