Thursday, April 2, 2009

Math, English, Psychology... and Ballroom dancing?

So today was a busy day for me..
I went to school and cosmetology and right when I got home I had to rush to the college that I'm going to next year, for my advisement meeting, to figure the classes I need to take and whatnot.

So okay..
I'm setting up my main classes, and I get all the main things out of the way and I'm looking at the gym classes, which I think is awesome that I get to choose because I'm used to crappy highschool gym, and there are options like tennis, and swimming, Yoga and yadda yadda.... then I'm looking at the list.. and I was like.. "WTF.. Ballroom dancing for gym class!?"
I thought that was the weirdest thing I ever saw in my life... and because I was so excited over it's weirdness, I figured it'd be fun to try something different like that, so I did it, haha, I signed up for Ballroom Dancing as my gym class! I also signed up for Yoga, too, but I needed one more, and Ballroom dancing just sounds like a blast.

haha sorry. maybe that's a normal thing for college's, but I've never heard of that as a gym class before, and it baffled me and made me excited, so I had to share. ^.^