Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Dead To Worse

Warning ; Spoilers

i don't have a lot of time, so this is going to be pretty short....
In this book, Hurricane Katrina had hit, and Sookie's boyfriend, Quinn went
missing.... Sookie finds out that she has a grandfather who is a fairy (literally), and she ends up dumping her boyfriend (big surprise -.-)..
And Bill is obsessing over her, trying to win her back, and Eric finally got his memory back and remembers everything that happend between him and sookie.. awkwardddd??

yeah.. this book just kind of jumped around all over the place..
took me a while to read cause it kind of bored me..
and im finally done with this series. haha. for now at least, til the next book comes out..

the next book im doing is Hunted , the 5th book in the House of Night Series.