Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday was a nice day.

wow, so yesterday ended up being 88 degrees!
it was crazy!

So I got dressed in some cute little shorts and a tank top. :]
Then My parents and I spent the day at their camp...
we had to walk in since the camp hasn't officially been open for the year, and it was a couple mile walk, but idc, the walk was nice, and it was nice spending the warm day at my parents camp and near the lake...

and by the time we left, I was a little sunburnt, little casper here needed some color :-P
then on the way home we got icecream :]

then right when I got home, my bestfriend Delbert, who I haven't seen in months, calls me and tells me that he finally got a car and wants to come get me and hang out before he went to work..
so he came and got me, and we drove around for a while, it was nice seeing him. :]

OH! and I did the burn page in my "wreck this journal!" haha