Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead To The World

Warning ; Spoilers!

I have to say, that so far, this book has been my favorite of the series!

In this book.. One night, after a long night of bartending.. Sookie is on her way home from work, to drive by Eric, The Hott, sinister, vampire boss of Bill (sookie's now EX-boyfriend), who is running down the road NAKED? *drool*
Anyways, she finds out, that his memory was completely erased, he has no idea who he is!

We find out that Witches wanted to take over Eric's business's that he owned, and he refused, so they cursed him..
So Sookie takes him in, to take care of him, and hide him from the witches who want to kill him...
and this new Eric with no memory, is so very very kind, and oh so irresistable *drool again*...
and they HOOK UP!<333 Finally! this made me so happy that I don't even have words to describe it.

SO.. besides all that in the meantime.. Sookie's brother, Jason, gets kidnapped.. and there is going to be basically a mini "war" between the people trying to get Eric's memory back ( Pam, Chow, Sookie, Bill.. Alcide, etc...) against the witches.. and of course the right people won, duh.

and, when Eric finally get's his memory back, he remembers nothing that happend between him and Sookie. :[
(NO! NOT COOL!) He doesn't remember how he promised her he always wanted her to be by his side, and that he thought he was falling in love with her.
And in order to really help Eric.. Sookie doesn't even try to get Eric to remember their time together, cause she really cares.. AWWW<3

Then, They find Jason! turns out.. he was kidnapped because he went on a date with a woman that he didn't know was a shape-shifter, and there was another shape-shifter who was in love with that woman, so.. the man kidnapped Jason... and didn't kill him, but bit him every single night... so that he would turn into a shape-shifter so the woman he went on a date with, would no longer be interested in him... nice.

So now we've got Sookie, the Telepathic Bartender who seems to have a knack for falling in love with vampire.. and now Jason, the manwhore, vampire hating, SHAPE-SHIFTER (He'll turn into a Panther, cool, right?)

This is like a Vampire Erotic Soap Opera. I Love it.

BUT... I'm really hoping for Eric to remember what happend between him and Sookie, and turn all "sweet vampire" again and be with her for good. ^.^

I'll be starting the next book Dead As A Doornail, probably tonight or tomorrow morning in studyhall.