Monday, March 23, 2009

More Twilight Party Pictures.. and.. BORING!!!?

Those are a few more Pictures from the Twilight DVD release party.. and yes, that's me in the pictures.
OH! and in the one picture, it's a little blurry and weird because it was a behind a glass display.. but.. It is a Jacob Black Poster signed by Taylor Lautner!! *drool*
I honestly must have taken about 100 pictures of it.. I mean.. I am very much Team Edward.. But when It comes to the actors, I love Taylor Lautner about a million more times than Rob Pattinson, Taylor is just so sweet looking, and with an awesome Tummy after working out for New Moon ^.-
I must have bit in like 200 entries to win that damn poster. haha.

ANYWAYS... nothing is going on... I'm about Halfway through Club Dead, and I have no idea when to tell you to expect a review for that book.
I've been kind of procrastinating on my fanfiction for the Twicon contest :[
But for good news!! I finally got myself working out again, I've stopped being so lazy! ahha.


Isabella said...

i see you joined as a follower on my blog! thanks :D
love the pics from the Twilight party and ur soo lucky you won!