Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gave up.

I've basically given up on my writing project for Twicon. -.-
I haven't worked on it in about two weeks, it was going good, but I just stopped.. and the deadline is soon..
I hate how I always give up on every project I ever start. Great for someone who wants to be an Author, huh?
ugh. I'm such a quitter.

At some point this week, I will FORCE myself to make some time to try and work on it more, so I stop feeling like such a failure.


Amy Lee. said...

Don't give up (:

Trisha said...

I'm trying to make time! haha
I've just been so busy with school and whatnot, I'm graduating soon, so I'm doing tons of school stuff, and in all my free time I sleep and read! haha.

But I'm really trying to spare a few minutes every night..

even if I dont make the deadline, I'll probably end up posting it on here.

thanks for the support :]