Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Club Dead

Warning ; Spoilers!

I finished it in studyhall this morning!
This isn't going to be a huge review because I don't really have a lot to say
about this book.

In this one Bill decided that he wanted to leave Sookie for another Woman,
(A vampire Woman), and then.. the woman ends up betraying him and kidnaps him and tortures him.. and Sookie of course, goes off to save him.. That's basically the whole story..

Part of this annoys me... BECAUSE.. Bill blew Sookie off... he Just left her.. if That were me.. I wouldn't have saved him.. I would have been like... " You know what, it serves you right, you dirty vamp!"..

I also loved the Man (werewolf) she met named Alcide.. I noticed.. Sookie is meeting so many men now that are so much better than Bill.. I mean.. Alcide liked her, and was a complete Gentlemen with her all the time.. I like him!

But who was there for her during this whole novel? NOT BILL.. Nope! it was Eric, who I am loving more and more as the series goes on and I'm super excited, because the next book has even more Eric in it! yay!