Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Updates..

Well, there isn't much to say right now..
I just sort of wanted to brag about my shopping spree last night. ^.^
I got 5 new shirts, because wetseal was having a sale for 5 shirts for 20 dollars, So I had to get all p on that... I also got new pairs of shorts for the summer.
and I got myself a new purse.. and I love it, it's big and black and the inside of it is hot pink.. I have a thing for huge bags. -.-
and another thing I bought.. hair extensions! haha.
I bought bright red ones to streak through my hair. I can't wait to use them..

Yeah, the other day I started the 4th book in the Sookie StackHouse series, Dead To The World, but I've only read about two chapters so far because I've been lazy.. But right now.. all I have to say is.. WTF is up with Eric, the Hott and allmighty, sinister, cocky vampire, running down the road, basically naked... with no memory, and a personality change? hmmm.