Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Job Interview!

Yay for Good news!
My interview went VERY well!
After I was done, the Interviewer told me he was very impressed with me, and that I conduct myself as if I am much older than I am. ^.^

I just had to blog about this, even if it is a little random, I'm just so excited about it.
I mean come on, getting paid 2,000 dollars AND getting college credit for spending time with Children all summer? I mean, that's AWESOME!

I just have to get my references to fill out a few papers and I'll know if I have it in about two weeks. ^.^
You'll know, because if I get it, I'll post a very exciting blog, and if I don't I'll probably post a very pointless rant ^.-

I only have about one more chapter of Living Dead In Dallas left.. So expect a Book review up within the next couple of days!


.{C.L.A.i.i.R.3}. said...

I love your wonderful writing!

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Sarah Von said...

Congrats, you! What great news!