Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight Release Party - a bit of a disapointment

So. I just wanted to say.. I mean.. I had fun.. But the hot topic I was at was not prepared in anyway...
They had really bad food, which they were all sticking that nasty hands in.. ugh..
and they played NO games or Trivia.. all they had was a raffle for different prizes, which they aren't even announcing the winner for until monday!
and I got in trouble there. haha. Myself and another girl I was with just stood at the raffle thing for about an hour and a half.. and put in about 200 entries for the prizes.. so Hopefully we get a call on monday saying we won! haha..

Anyways.. I took some Pictures from the night, not a lot. but here they are ;

I'll post more in another post, cause it's not letting me upload anymore right now!