Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last House On The Left

Warning ; There are spoilers in this!

I went and saw this move today.. and wow.
It is quite possible one of the BEST horror movies I have ever seen...BUT
it could also quite possibly be one of the most disturbing movies I've ever watched.

You watch two teenage girls get beaten and tortured, and one gets brutally raped.
One gets stabbed until she dies.. and The other one manages to get away and she starts to swim across the lake, and the one of the killers shoots her, and thinking she is dead, they leave..
The Killers look for a place to go, not knowing the only place around is the place where the girls parents live..
The girl who was shot, manages to swim with a bullet wound, and crawl all the way back to her house, and when the parents find out that the people who brutally raped and tortured there daughter are staying in their guest house... It's time for revenge baby!
The parents go and brutally kill the people who hurt her, one by one.

It's incredible to see a movie showing how far parents would go for their child.

A lot of scenes in this movie are incredibly graphic, and a lot of scenes really bothered me particulary the rape scene.

But overall, a very well done movie.
But, I honestly think noone younger than seventeen should watch this.