Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

This week, ever since the concert I went to in vermont it's been all about the music, so that has a lot to do with what I love this week..

1. Mike Ness. (Picture above)
The lead singer of social distortion. He is one of the most amazing men ever.
His music is amazing, and for being close to 50 years old, that man has it going on, he is so flipping hott, I am in love.

2. All girl rock bands.
At the social distortion concert, a band called The Civet, opened up for them.. they are a gorgeous all girl rock band, and they are amazing, it's very rare that you find a really good all girl band, and it shows that girls can do things just as good as the boys!

3. Mosh Pits.
Seriously.. so fun! have a good time, dance, bump into people, hey? it works for me!

4. Meeting people at concerts.
This is so much fun, and everyone is always super nice because of the similar interests. ^.^

5. Being up front at concerts.
I'm that weird girl who shows up at concerts 6 hours before they start so I can be in the front row... that being said, I was in the front at the social D concert, and when one of the openers was setting up, he kept looking at me, and then I waved at him and he got all flushed and waved back, haha, and I was also like half a foot away from a very sweaty sexy Mike Ness. :]


Isabella said...

I always go to the spirit west coast concerts (they have spirit east coast concerts too) because i get to visit Jenny, Travis, Ryan Gregg and Ryan Simmons of addison road....if theyre playing of course. XD i loove them they're my favorite band...

yes i always push my way to the front!