Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things I would Rather Not See.

You know what I mean.. when you're walking down the street and you see something that you can't stand, yet it is impossible to look away? It sucks, right!? especially when they notice that you're staring at them and then look at you like your a crazy stalker. ( or maybe they only do that to me!)

1. PDA
I can't stand walking around out in public and seeing a couple who is practically on top of each other in public, making out, groping each other, you know? For one, it's completely trashy, For two, stop it, it's a big slap in the face reminder that I'm alone and am an 18 year old version of a cat lady, and seriously!? Who wants to look at that? You know, once you see them go at it, you have to force yourself out of the area to look away.

2. Girls with permanent wedgies.
What's with the girls who run around with their thongs out of their pants and pulled up so high seriously? why do you do it? IT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD. It just makes everyone stare at their trashy polka-dotted undies, and then their like " ohhh emm geee, don't stare at me you pervert!", because you didn't ask for it or ANYTHING, you're not being a trashy skank at all. ^.-

3. Old Men Who Don 't Know The Wonders Of Belt.
I swear.. Why don't older men know how to use a belt? For real, it does wonders, give it a little try, shall we? I hate seeing old men who go to bend over, and you don't see a little crack, you see the whole damn moon, and sometimes even the ones who you get to see the whole backyard, they aren't even bent over! sheesh.

4. Large Women Who Think They Are Thin.
Okay, I'm not talking about a 10 pound overweight chubby lady.. I'm talking about the women who are verging on like the 300's here, and decide that they want to show it off. Now I have nothing against heavy people, I'm all about choosing your own style no matter what size you are, but can't they be a little classier? They don't need to wear a Bikini, or tight, low rise jeans with a skin tight sphagetti strap tank, you know? they can be stylish and dress for their size... PLEASE!?

5. Skanky Myspace Pictures Of Twelve Year Old Girls.
Okay.. this isn't something you see walking down the street, but it still bothers me..
these 12 year old girls who get practically naked to take some damn myspace pictures.. Seriously.. You're 12.. why!? If you're teachers see that or you're parents, your a dead girl walking. I had a friend in highschool who did that, and her cheerleading coach found the pictures and kicked her off the team, and banned her from ever even trying out again.. It's not good, and if it does things like that, when you're older, it can cause you to lose a job too.. and it sucks when you see these girls in public too, and they are dressed normal, all you can think of is the rediculous pictures of them you saw online that were so trashy, you can't think of them any other way.

For the comments :
What things have you seen that you would rather not have?


Isabella said...

Hmmm, tough, since you pretty much named them all. Oh, I got it: when little kids are screaming or crying in public. I know they're little and dont know stuff that much, but still, its kinda...sad. I think it also makes the parent look bad too, by not even trying to shut their kid up. It makes me not want to have kids when I grow up! If you think about it, if babies keep uncontrollably crying without their parents doing a thing about it, people will not want to have kids anymore, then the human race will go extinct. (okay, I'm totally exaggerating, but people, keep your kids quiet!)