Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I love Thursday

Mk.. some of my loves this week are on the geeky side. deal with it. ^.^

1. Keyquest.
It's a crazy addicting game on Neopets. (yes I play neopets, shut up!)

2. Touch the dead.
No. Not literally.. It's a game for the nintendo DS. (Told you this would be Geeky)
basically, you just shoot zombies. It helps be let out some steam

3. Eclipse.
Enough said. Another Twilight book.

4. Air conditioning.
I've picked this one before.. but hey, I like it.


Isabella said...

AHHH I used to play neo and i loved it! (hahha im such a dork) but i dont really play on it that much now, cuz my parents didnt want me talking to other ppl on the neomail....thats kinda what im doing right now but in neo only you can see it....

AC...yes. grrr its hot over here on the west coast (im in CA) i live on AC. XD