Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's Feelin Crazy?

well. I went shopping today, and I must have been feeling very bright and crazy today, because when I bought my bedspread for college, it was hot pink.

I also bought these hot pink skinnies :

And I also picked up these:

So yeah, that was pretty interesting... I just have NO idea where on earth I'll ever wear these?
Maybe to the Social Distortion Concert I'm going to. :] ( Did I say I'm seeing Social Distortion? I am, on August 4th I'm driving like a million miles to Vermont to see them ^.^)

For the comments :
Tell me about the crazy things you wear!


Isabella said...

Okay, don't plan on getting up any time soon, cuz when it comes to my wardrobe, you will be surprised.
Okay, I wear mostly black, but i'm kinda on the punk/rebel side so I wear lots of crazy stuff like checkered pants, chains, combat pants (which by the way i am wearing them right now), and losta of other stuff.
I'm gonna put pink in my hair when i get to high school but since my hair is brown, im not gonna bleach it and it will turn reddish. :D