Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things that all Burger King Customers need to learn

As I have said many times.. I work a summer job at Burger King and already there are some things that I cannot stand, and this goes for anyone in any restuarant...

You need to learn :

1. Be Patient.. Seriously... dont be mad at me when you spout off your entire order faster than lightening and then I say, " Did you want cheese on your burger?"... It is out of my control.. I am not slow, The screen on the register does not allow me to add anymore to the order until I finish the modifier for the item that came before.

2. Clean up after yourself! Okay.. Why must you Leave everything on the table? I am not a waitress or a busser, I am a Cashier, It is not my job to clean up after you, all I am saposed to do is wipe the table down... and is it really nessecary to dump your soda's on the floor then run away? I mean, accidents happen, but you could at least come up to me and tell me what you did so I don't step in it and slip and fall in a puddle of mountain dew while I'm out checking the dining room.

3. Be Potty Trained? I THOUGHT you were saposed to be taught this as a toddler.. but apparently, most of you miss and get everything on.. oh.. the side of the toilet.. the floor.. the WALLS? seriously...I don't like cleaning up your poop, it's not as hard for you to clean up your own bodily waste as it is for me, I mean, at least TRY to get rid of a little of it for me? I mean, It's so rude, I don't go into the place where you work or live and poop on the floor and rub it on the walls. THANKS.


Isabella said...

Yes, the public DOES need to learn that. XD Hope a lot of you read this blog so Trisha doesn't have to continue cleaning up your messes!
I hope that my first summer job will be either at Hot Topic, or the sushi place near me. :)

I'm doing a Q&A session on my blog if you have any questions or ya just wanna check it out...