Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Tunes

This week has been completely deprived of excitement, let me tell you...
It consisted of sitting on my butt eating those mini packaged muffins, ate entirely too much take out, reading new moon, and watching those awful "made-for-TV" sci-fi movies...

and I happened to meet the loneliest hairdresser on this planet.
I go into the salon, and the woman jumps up the instant I walk in there, acting a little TOO excited, and before I could even manage too tell her what service I wanted, she spent 20 minutes telling me how quiet the salon has been and all the little things she has been doing to keep herself occupied.
Then I finally manage to say "Hey, I just want my eyebrows waxed", so she brings me out to the waxing area, and yes, I'd say I get my eyebrows waxed a lot, and the experience has never lasted any long than 15 minutes at the MOST... Seriously, this woman stretched out an eyebrow waxing for an HOUR, no joke, she spent this hour talking about how angry she is at her boss for giving her the slower shifts, then she told me about her husband and her family, then asked me if I was married and had kids? (Uh hello lady, I'm only 18!) but yeah, that went on for an hour, until I could get her to stop talking and just finish my damn eyebrows. sheesh!

The Tunes this week have been kind of deprived as well, because I only have one band for you this week :

Social Distortion

Very good band, I would suggest that you listen to the songs, "Mommy's little Monster", and "Pretty In Pink", those are MY favorites.
I also happen to be driving all the way to Vermont next Tuesday and spending two days there just to see these fantastic gentlemen, that's why they are the only band I've been listening too!

For the Comments :
What are some awkward experiences you've had recently?