Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Smack... is like.. one of those "slap in the face" books..
seriously.. I think everyone should read it..
it shows how teenagers really are, none of the innocence that most of the media portrays..

but really, lesson of this book : 14 year old's shouldn't run away from home and become heroin junkies, and make babies. not smart! (well.. noone should do heroin, but yanno)

anyways.. one of my followers asked me to put this in this blog post. ^.^

Hi I am (Trisha) and I enjoy obssessing over Twilight. If you don't know who Bella is, go smack yourself.
If you don't know who Edward is, go punch yourself.
If you don't know who the Cullens are, go eat your foot.
If you don't know who Jacob is, go eat your other foot.
If you have never heard of Twilight and don't know what it is, go dig a hole, get in it, and wait for it to rain.
---OCDA (Obsessive Cullen Disorder Agency)